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A Panicle of Hydrangeas

Posted by Deborah Bergman on

I wanted to show you this image on the page about me where I mention the hydrangea. But it looks better here.

According to Wikipedia, "A panicle is a much-branched inflorescence.[1] Some authors distinguish it from a compound spike, by requiring that the flowers (and fruit) be pedicellate. The branches of a panicle are often racemes. A panicle may have determinate or indeterminate growth.

Once in a while someone asks me what a panicle is.  People like me who grow flowers often end up just flinging such words around.  It kind of goes with the territory.  So now you know too.

This hydrangea happens to be called Oak Leaf. If you don't happen to know it, its oak shaped leaves turn deep red in the autumn, along with its white flowers. Although the flowers turn more of an old fashioned russet-rose.

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